Once you have created a contact form on Ivertech Spam Free Contact and deployed the installation code to your site, you can follow steps below to test it:

Go to your site’s contact form and type in something like below:

Subject: Details about your product

Message: I would like to know more details about your product. Can you contact me as soon as you can?


Click on the “Submit” button and then check your email’s inbox.  Since the message above will be recognized as not spam, you should receive an email from Ivertech Spam Free Contact within a few minutes.

Here’s how a sample email looks like:


When someone tries to send you a spam message, you will not get an email notification at all. Here’s how to simulate a spam message:

Subject: You are a lucky winner

Message: You have just won one million dollars from our lucky draw. Please let us know where to send the money.


Since you will not get an email notification, the only way for you to view this spam message is to log on to Ivertech Spam Free Contact and click on the View Messages link:


Since the default is to show non-spam messages only, you can click on the “Show All” to see all messages or “Show Spam Only” to see only spam messages:


We purposely don’t send you email notifications when you receive a spam message so that your email inbox will not be flooded with spam messages.  Since our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Spam Filter has already filtered out the spam messages for you, you won’t need to spend any time going through your inbox to weed out the spam messages.


Tired of getting spammed from the Contact Us page at Wordpress.com?  Just follow these simple steps below to spam-proof your Contact Us page:

1) Open a free account at Ivertech Spam Free Contact.

2) Create a new contact form and copy the installation code:

3) Log on to your Wordpress.com site and click on the “WP Admin” menu item on the left:


4) Click on “Pages” on the left and then click on “Add new”:


5) Click on “Use Blank layout”:


6) Type “Contact Us” for title and then click on the “+” icon:


7) Scroll down and click on “Custom HTML”:


8) Paste the installation code that you copied previously into the Custom HTML block:


9) You can preview the form by clicking on the “Preview” button on the top left corner of the block:


10) At this point, you can proceed to click on the “Publish” button on the top right corner to publish the page.  Please note that only paid plan of Wordpress.com allows publishing of iframe in the Custom HTML block.  If you notice that the content of the Custom HTML block is removed after publishing the page, your probably have a free plan with Wordpress.com.  Once you upgrade it to a pain plan, you will be allowed to save the installation code.

11) Now that you have added the Contact Us page, you can proceed to remove the existing Contact page from the menu.  To modify your menu, click on Appearance, Customize on the left. Then click on Menus, Primary.

12) Click on the “Add Items” button and add the “Contact Us” page to the menu. Remove the existing “Contact” page from the menu by clicking on the “x” next to it:


13) Click on “Save Changes” once you are done.

14) Publish your site and you should see that the “Contact Us” menu item on the top will bring you to the new “Contact Us” page that you just created:


15) Here's how to test your contact form.


Has your Shopify contact page been bombarded with spam lately?  To stop spam posted by bots, one of the options is to add Google reCaptcha on your Contact Us page.

Google currently provides two versions of their reCaptcha: reCaptcha v2 and reCaptcha v3.  The difference between these two version is that v2 requires the user to click on the "I am not a robot" check box (Captcha challenge) while v3 does not. ReCaptcha v3 scores your user's traffic based on Google's proprietary algorithm and the site owner gets to determine what actions to take based on the score.

Google reCaptcha v2

There are not that many sites on the Internet that show you how to implement the Google reCaptcha v2 code.  If you Google search "Add reCaptcha to Shopify contact form", you will probably find some pages that show you how to first disable the "Send" button by adding a "disable" attribute:

<input type="submit" id="contactFormSubmit" value="Send" class="btn" disabled />

You can then add these lines of Javascript code to enable the "Send" button after the user passes the Captcha challenge:

<script src="https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js?onload=onloadCallback&render=explicit" async defer>

<script> var actCallback = function (response) { $('#contactFormSubmit').prop("disabled", false); }; var onloadCallback = function () { var widget = grecaptcha.render(document.getElementById("re-captcha"), { 'sitekey' : "123456789", // Sitekey generated from Google reCaptcha 'theme': "light", 'callback' : actCallback, }); } </script>

Here's how it's suppose to look like when implemented:


The code above might have worked fine at one point.

However, Shopify has since implemented their own Google reCaptcha v2 on all contact forms (and there's no option to turn this off).  Whenever there are two submissions done from the same IP address within 24 hours, the user will be redirected to a "challenge#contact_form" page to complete the Captcha challenge:


This inteferes with the Javascript code mentioned above and the user will get a "Page not found" error after clicking on the "Send" button:


For Shopify site owners who want to implement Google reCaptcha v2 on their Contact Us page, don't waste your time trying the code above.  It will break your page and your customers won't be able to contact you.  Moreover, since Shopify already has their own Google reCaptcha v2 built-in, there's really no need for you to do redundant work.

Google reCaptcha v3

What about Google reCaptcha v3? Can we take advantage of this newer version of Google reCaptcha, which doesn't require any interaction from the user and is less intrusive?  Shopify site owners have already asked the same exact question on Shopify's Community: Adding Google reCaptcha v3 to the Shopify contact form.  It turns out that adding Google reCaptcha v3 is a lot simpler than v2.  All you need are these lines of Javascript code:

<script src="https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js?render=_reCAPTCHA_site_key"></script>
grecaptcha.ready(function() {
    grecaptcha.execute('_reCAPTCHA_site_key_', {action: 'homepage'}).then(function(token) {

This is how it's supposed to look like after implementing the code:


There's no button to disable, no Captcha challenge to display.  A piece of cake, right?  Well, not quite. 

It turns out the code doesn't really accomplish anything at all!  All it does is displaying the "protected by reCAPTCHA" icon at the lower right corner of the page.  There's supposed to be additional server code to retrieve a "score" from Google to figure out what action to take next.

If you go through all 5 pages from the Shopify Community thread above, you will see that the contributors to the thread were quite confused. They thought the Javascript code mentioned above was enough to trigger the "Captcha challenge" for Google reCaptcha v3.  They probably didn't realize that there's supposed to be no "Captcha challenge" for Google reCaptcha v3!  The user is not suppose to even see any "I'm not a robot" check box.

It's not possible to write additional server code on Shopify to evaluate the "score" from Google and redirect the user to the appropriate page. Shopify simply does not allow this kind of code for security reasons.  The whole topic on Adding Google reCaptcha v3 to the Shopify contact form is a waste of time!

The contributors on the thread probably didn't realize that the "Captcha challenge" was actually implemented by Shopify by default:


The "I'm not a robot" check box shows up regardless if the code for Goolge reCaptcha v3 was implemented or not!  It's odd that no Shopify Expert has stepped in and guided the lost souls to the right direction.  These poor Shopify site owners need to be told that Google reCaptcha v3 will never work on their Contact Us page. 


All the code samples that show you how to implement Google reCaptcha v2 or reCaptcha v3 don't really work.  Don't waste your time implementing any of them.  Since Shopify already has Google reCaptcha v2 built in, there's really no reason for you to implement your own.

But why are you still getting spam from your Contact Us page?  It turns out Google reCaptcha is only good at stopping bots from spamming your site.  If a human is sending you spam from your Contact Us page, there's nothing Google reCaptcha can do to stop that. 

Instead of forking out monthly fee for a Shopify app, you can open a free account at Ivertech Spam Free Contact and copy and paste one line of HTML code to stop spam. Ivertech Spam Free Contact has A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) built in to effectively filter spam, regardless if it's created by bots or humans.  It's a lot more efficient than most of the Shopify apps and it doesn't get interfered by the built-in reCaptcha from Shopify. 

And best of all, it's free!


Tired of getting spammed from the Contact Us page at Shopify?  Just follow these simple steps below to spam-proof your Contact Us page:

1) Open a free account at Ivertech Spam Free Contact.

2) Create a new contact form and copy the installation code:

spam free contact installation code

3) Log on to your Admin page at Shopify.

4) Go to Online Store, Pages, and click on the "Add page" button:


5) Click on the <> button to show HTML and paste the installation code there: 


6) Leave the Template as "page" (not "page.contact") and click on "Save".

7) Click on View Page and you should see a Contact Us page similar to this on Shopify:


8) Here's how to test your contact form.